I’m torn…

I’m constantly torn between ‘You get what you deserve’ and ‘Life is unfair’.

I am a strong believer of the line ‘You get what you deserve’. So much so, that that is actually my go-to line whenever I’m in any sort of dilemma. I feel that life has its own ways and takes its turns with or sans our stamp of approval. There is clarity hidden in the pandemonium of daily life events, waiting to be unvealed.

‘You get what you deserve’- this statement has so much meaning and in so many different ways. Most of the time we refer to it when we want validation for something good that has occurred in our lives. How often is it we fall back upon this statement when things do not turn out as per our expectations? Seldom, rather tending towards never. All we want to do is blame something or someone. And who is it we accuse? There are no two guesses for this. It’s our Life that we point the finger at! “Alas! Life is unfair”, we say.

Now the question arises whether Life is really to be blamed or not. To answer this I’d like to deviate a little and share how things have worked for me so far. So as I mentioned earlier I’m a staunch believer of ‘You get what you deserve’. Fortunately, for me this statement had only played good cop. Until recently.

I do not want to get into the details of the incident that inspired this post. But succinctly speaking, things did not go the way I was expecting them to or to say ‘Life was unfair’. Or was it? After having contemplated the situation for over a day I did come to a conclusion. But about that in a while. First, I want to let you all in on what went through my brain during that day.

It is basic human nature, I feel, that leads us to instantly blame anything but ourself. That is exactly what I did too. Blamed the situation and every other possible being for ‘letting me down’. How bad I wanted for Life to be fair. But then when things settled, sense of reality crept in and I started wondering if I did get what I deserved, whether I did not work hard enough. There lay my final conclusion.

Whether Life is unfair or not, I am oblivious of. But I can surely say that if you work hard enough, if you strive for what you think you ought to deserve, you will achieve it!

I have emerged an even more solid believer of ‘You get what you deserve’. You get what you deserve, that may not always be what you desire and that’s okay. Although I still remain torn between life and its fancy ways.


2 thoughts on “I’m torn…”

  1. You get what you deserve, yes, but sometimes, you have to work hard for what you deserve also….You have to see what you feel that you deserve and go out and get it. Nothing good will ever just fall on your lap!
    Great post! Definitely gonna stay tuned

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