Well, today is a nice day as of now. I’m sitting at the window seat of the western line train bound to Borivali. There is some sort of strange fascination that I associate with these trains. Maybe because using them was previously forbidden to me. But I’ve always loved train journeys. Be it the local train or the classic sleeper classes. You get to observe such diverse categories of people. Say for example, the lady sitting next to me right now had a problem with me sitting with one of my legs crossed over the other because she feared it might touch her. “Aapko lag raha hai mera per?”(Is my leg touching or hurting you in anyway?), I asked her when it was obviously not. “Lagne ke baad sorry bologe? Mein conscious rahungi na itna time.”(What’s the point of apologises after it touches/hits me? It’s bothering me.) Truly amuses me. Anyway coming back to how I feel about the train. The blowing hot wind compels my hair to fall across my dazed face, making me feel dreary and forcing my eyes to droop. My eyes want to steal any possible chance of dozing but my brain compels it otherwise, knowing that I, being my novice self, will surely miss Vile Parle, the station where I part from this journey. 

      But while I’m at it, let me describe to you the happenings of today. So me and a group of friends decided to have breakfast at a famous South Indian restaurant in Matunga. That was fun because nothing soothes your palate better than authentic South Indian food. However the feeling you get when you enter such a restaurant is nothing short of the like of being the unwanted guests that suddenly just plant themselves at your home. The people working there just want to get rid of you as soon as possible. But all in all the food makes up for it. 

Anyway from there we decided to go to a place called Creeda, that is a board game cafe. We had our rounds with Switcheroo, cash and guns, dobble and camel up. All four of these card/board games were different yet exciting. My friends are still there because well why would you want to leave such an amazing place so soon. But me, things are a little different with. I had to leave early because well home calling. 

So here I am standing at the exit door of the train, to get off at Vile Parle. 

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